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TrendHedge gain more than 20% profit every month!

Powered by a unique "Split Hedge" technology fully optimized to operate with a minimal risk. The expert advisor was developed using a modern MQL technology to assure maximum performance and a rapid adaption to the market conditons. "Split Hedge" | technology, each currency pair operated by a two separated logic modules, to increase the efficiency and minimize the response time, there are two logic modules running on each currency pair at the same time. Each module monitors only one direction of the trend (either bullish or bearish). Module A hedges against module B and automatically self-balancing the open transactions to maintain a minimal draw down and provide the most efficient exit to each trading cycle. "Micro Trend" | every professional Forex trader knows "trend is your best friend" and in fact, that's very important as by following the trend, we basically following the major liquidity providers / banks and key players within the financial exchange market. For that exact reason we have integrated a micro level trend monitoring into the core of our robot. The hedging mechanism will put a higher priority on the actual trend and automatically increase the probability of each trading cycle.


After purchasing you will receive your product with a lifetime license! There will be no additional costs!

BMM TrendHedge is operating and continously making profit on 3 major currency pairs each and every day!

After you became our member you will receive all of the future updates for free of charge! We will develop for you!

You will receive a detailed User’s Manual with pictures to assist you during the installation!

Full time support! We are always ready to help you! Our dedicated team will happily answer your question!

BMM TrendHedge program package contains additional features, such as MM system, balance defense and so on.

We are fully dedicated to our members base. When you buy BMM TrendHedge, there is no need to worry about installation and setting up. With over more hundreds of users and counting, you cannot go wrong with BMM TrendHedge. Check out what our users are saying about the software!


Back Testing VS Forward Testing | most of the forex trading products sold with an incredible back testing results and yet lack of forward testing. The key difference between back and forward testing is "live market conditions". As much as we would love the back testing platform give us an accurate data, the most precise output we will always get from the actual live trading (forward test). For this reason, we have placed an early development of our robot on a demo account with a reputable, fully regulated brokerage firm to study the actual performance of the "Split Hedge" technology, which is the algorithm behind TrendHedge Forex Robot. The outcome is fantastic and truly surprising! Look yourself at our verified LIVE forward test accounts: - One account started during the early development and hence placed on a demo account. The second account started during the final phase of the development and placed on a (live) real money trading account. Regardless, both accounts should be able to provide very similar results if both at started the same time.


Customer Reviews

Finally I found service that actually works. I gained almost 100% of my investment in just a month.

United Kingdom
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This is an amazing system! Just be sure to take the recommend advice for position sizing.

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I already made 30% of profits in my first month with BMM. Also great support!

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Find the one out of the crowd

With so many Forex signal services, trading automation services, mirror trading products within this industry, for many it would be an uneasy task to find that one service that suits your trading style.

Here we want to give you a few key factors to consider while choosing your desired trading service:

  1. Make sure that service suits your available trading capital.
  2. Study the risks and conduct an opinion from at least 2-3 different customers already using that service.
  3. Learn the maximum Draw-Down that particular service had in te past and either this type of Draw-Down suits your style and risks.
  4. Understand the short-term and the long-term perspectives of that particular service.
  5. Set yourself the right goals and decide when you would be making your first profit withdrawal based on the risks involved within this trading service. Ideally, you want to start to withdraw your profits when you have earned your first 20% and keep doing so until you have your initial deposit fully covered. Afterward, you may continue with the service as a risk-free journey.

Play Safe, Play Smart & Enjoy your trading!

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