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About us

Our team located in EU and offering investors from whole world to join one of our investment products. Initially we’ve studied the financial markets for our own trading career. Later we have realized how much lifes we can change if we could share our trading experience with you, everyone, anywhere in the world

Real Transparency

Everyone can check our live traded accounts at any time, see our real history, performance and trading style. We choose to not hide anything from our clients and build a long-term mutual, strong relationship with each and every investor.

Advanced Technology

In addition to the PAMM services, we are using the latest advanced technology to offer our users to trade with us using any brokerage company by providing you our Plug & Play EA Solution.

Profit Calculator

  • Invested: $500
  • Period / Months: 1
  • Profit: $100 - $125
  • Invest

DISCLAIMER : Calculation is based on the average historical performance. The future results aren't guaranteed

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B.M.M. Forex Automation Services

Unique Approach: We are trading using mathematical, price action hybrid algorithm. Considering the major economic market events and collaborating with martingale logic for recovery when it's needed.

Human vs Robot: Our trading combined from 20% human, 80% robot which allows us precisely maintain the trading environment and take additional action when it's needed.

Transparency : All our traded accounts are fully monitored by the 3rd party monitoring service myfxbook. This ensures you that everything we show is absolutely legit and real. No fake history, no fake accounts or manipulated results.

Customers as a proof: Our customers sharing their accounts and talking about the actual experience, results and performance they experience with B.M.M. Everyone can visit our Facebook group and chat with our real customers, see their real accounts and make your own due diligence before joining our services.

Unified Performance Monitoring: Due to the great trust and transparancy between us and our customers, we can freely show everyone the actual real-time performance of each customer's traded account. You may find all our customer's accounts right here on our web site.

Are you ready to MAKE MONEY ?

Customer Reviews

Finally I found service that actually works. I gained almost 100% of my investment in just a month.

United Kingdom
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This is an amazing system! Just be sure to take the recommend advice for position sizing.

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I already made 30% of profits in my first month with BMM. Also great support!

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Find the one out of the crowd

With so many Forex signal services, trading automation services, mirror trading products within this industry, for many it would be an uneasy task to find that one service that suits your trading style.

Here we want to give you a few key factors to consider while choosing your desired trading service:

  1. Make sure that service suits your available trading capital.
  2. Study the risks and conduct an opinion from at least 2-3 different customers already using that service.
  3. Learn the maximum Draw-Down that particular service had in te past and either this type of Draw-Down suits your style and risks.
  4. Understand the short-term and the long-term perspectives of that particular service.
  5. Set yourself the right goals and decide when you would be making your first profit withdrawal based on the risks involved within this trading service. Ideally, you want to start to withdraw your profits when you have earned your first 20% and keep doing so until you have your initial deposit fully covered. Afterward, you may continue with the service as a risk-free journey.

Play Safe, Play Smart & Enjoy your trading!